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Property Fiber Optic Solutions is ready to assist with the common communications infrastructure on your property. Large residence, businesses, office complexes, schools, hotels and marinas are just a few examples of properties that can benefit from our services. We can provide the design and installation of your property communications serving your operation and tenants using the latest Micro Fiber Optic technologies. Seamless Internet access, reliable Security Camera networks and Point of Sale and telephone connections are just a small example of possibilities for improvement and cost reduction.


In the past, several companies would be involved with un-coordinated installation of redundant metallic cables that resulted in overlapping services and endless monthly billing. The legacy CATx cables used in the past are subject to length restrictions and electrical storm damage. By installing a micro fiber optic network and accessories like well placed WiFi modules, you may be in the position to reduce overlapping monthly accounts, while improving service for all dependent devices.


The proposed fiber optic cabling is only 1mm in diameter and is installed in a 3mm (or larger) micro conduit. The small size makes for a clean, efficient installation on most properties. For the larger properties, we can design, and install the latest Passive Fiber Optic LAN system that scales with the growth on your property. In any case if you are planning to build or improve or expand a property, please contact us and arrange a review of your property communications needs.

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