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Property Fiber Optic Solutions is ready to provide assistance with many types of interconnect projects ranging from multi structure, down to FTTD Fiber device cabling solutions. Applications include new or expansion of common property-wide networks that must be reliable and expandable for future growth. We can provide point to point “Active” cabling solutions, or GPON/ NG-PON Passive cable products with splitters and enclosures to fit your Passive Optical LAN application. You will no longer need closets full of switches with Passive Optical LAN. No-power micro splitters are typically installed in place of switches eliminating power consumption and heat emissions.


Distributed WiFi and Camera hubs are common examples of high bandwidth devices that are better served with Fiber instead of CATx cable. Cable length, signal distortion and resistance to electrical storm damage issues are greatly reduced using fiber. We offer the latest 1mm, air injected micro fiber optic cables, and 3mm (and larger) micro conduit that greatly reduces labor and installation space. This two-part approach may be pre-assembled prior to install, or the micro conduit may be installed first, and the 1mm fiber optic element injected later using air pressure. Installing the micro conduit tubing first, prevents accidental fiber breaks and allows for post construction changes in fiber types and strand counts. The markings on the conduit tubing help assess the required fiber cable length reducing waste. You will be well vested for future when the micro conduit tube is installed during construction.  


The 1mm Single Mode cables typically used are G657 bend insensitive compliant, and very useful in retrofit installs that may end up in existing ½ inch conduits with tight bend elbows. Our micro fiber optic solutions could be the perfect fit for your project. We can provide SFP modules and/or fiber media converters and also handle the Ubiquiti Air Fiber wireless bridge for applications where Fiber routes may not be practical. We are totally flexible with the level of service provided if you wish to utilize any of your resources to implement our products. In any case please take a moment and use the link below to contact us to review your project.

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