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Property Fiber Optic solutions is ready to serve as your consulting sub-contractor and provide the special fiber optic materials and capitol Fiber Optic equipment and assistance for a successful project. “On Property” solutions include joining structures and array of internet/network connected devices with Micro Fiber Optic cables in lieu of legacy CATx cables. Micro Fiber Optic Cables typically proposed are 1mm in diameter and installed in a micro conduit as small as 3mm or larger.  Typical Devices connected are WIFI and/or camera hub modules and 4K HDMI TV’s that may be wall or ceiling mounted. Also, late model Fire detection and access controls like driveway gates can connect without the risk of Lightning damage as in the past with legacy signal cables.


Since optical signals carry great distances, micro fiber optic cables may be home run to the head end to enhance cyber security tampering and simplify the installation. Devices without the typical SFP port can use a low-cost Ethernet converter module for connection. HDMI converters are also available for HDTV where receivers and hubs are remote. Passive type Fiber systems for large installations use compact, no-power splitters and can split a single fiber strand feed, to as much as 128 devices or more.


Neat, clean, functional and expandable well into the future; your influence promoting micro fiber optic infrastructure during the planning process will give you the edge on current and future projects. Please join us with extending the message to decision makers that almost any place a CATx cable is planned, a micro fiber optic cable will serve better and faster at greater distances, without the impairments and risks of copper CATx cables.   Property Fiber Optic Solutions experience includes two Nuclear Power plants and MDU living campus just to name a few. Please contact us today to discuss your current projects and possibilities.

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