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Property Fiber Optic Solutions is ready to assist with the communications infrastructure within your marina or vessel. In the case of a marina, we can provide property wide highspeed WiFi and network access via Micro Fiber Optic cabling and outdoor WiFi modules that can mount on or near shore power posts. Our Micro Fiber Optic cabling is impervious to salt water and can be installed underwater at great distances without performance loss. Our fiber optic cable is also impervious to electrical storm damage since there are no conductive materials.


The land portion of the marina will benefit as well since most Security Cameras, Point of Sale Terminals, computers and remote telephones can operate reliably off one monthly internet account.  Redundant and overlapping accounts may be consolidated resulting in monthly savings in many cases. With marina wide WiFi coverage, tenant vessel owners can operate security and status monitors and cameras without the need for expensive, dedicated monthly billed cell system interfaces.  Demanding yacht customers may subscribe for a direct Fiber Optic shore connection for 1GB or higher premium service depending on the system selected. As the marina operator, you can prepare select premium docks with direct Micro Fiber Optic jacks ready for high speed connection. Vessels without a direct Fiber Optic interface may be supplied with a Fiber Shore cable that includes an ethernet interface converter on the vessel end.


In the case of the Vessel owner, Property Fiber Optic Solutions can provide on board kits and systems that provides better distribution of WiFi /network signals on board and between decks. Entertainment Systems, Smart Phones/Pads will function better with an even distribution of WiFi. Also, interface to many marine electronics systems may be possible with a Micro Fiber connect WiFi network allowing monitor and control functions. In any case, Property Fiber Optic Solutions is ready to add value and functionality to your marina operation or vessel. Contact us today and lets review your application.

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